Concept of Chiropractor

Philosophy of our ADIO

Health comes from Above-Down, Inside Out. Our brain sends signals from above down to our spinal cord. The spinal nerves come from the central nerve in the spinal canal, connect and send messages to each organ in the body. The nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of systems, organs and tissues from above, down; inside, out. When the nervous system works normally, the potential and the innate intelligence of the human body can be expressed effectively, making people feel free and energetic. We care about the body as a whole, from structured to functional.

About ADIO

ADIO Family Chiropractic Centre was established in 1997 and has opened 2 correction and examination centres in Sheung Shui and Mong Kok, providing high-quality chiropractic services and supporting community education. In addition, ADIO is responsible for promoting the importance of spine’s health and the mission of serving the community. Over the years, we have organized many lectures and free consultations at the invitation of community centres, schools and churches, to promote healthy lifestyles on spine care to the public and give back to society.

What is Chiropractic

The philosophy of Chiropractic is based on “the human body has self-adjusting and recuperative ability”. Chiropractic emphasizes on leading and elaborating this ability to raise the self-healing ability in the body without using of drugs.